Watering Your Plants in Hot Weather

It looks like we’ve returned to a period of hot weather with the possibility of afternoon thunderstorms¬†here in Asheville and western North Carolina. Just as you and I need more water when it’s hot, so do your plants. This is especially true for plants that have been installed for less than one year and for those in areas with lots of competition with tree roots. It’s easy to be fooled into thinking that your plants have received the water that they need from natural rainfall.

If you have newly installed plants and have been watering them every three days, you may need to increase it to every two days. It’s important to water them slowly and deeply rather than frequently and lightly. The water needs to go deep into the soil to encourage deep, strong roots. The best way to know if you’re watering deeply enough is to dig into the soil several inches to check the moisture. Do this around your established plants too. Some of them may also need supplemental watering.

The best times to water are early in the morning and in the evening.

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